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Get Personal with Posterity !

We direct funds given to us as donations to go straight to the nonprofits they are meant to help and any funds raised are updated in real time right before your eyes so you can what funds are going for important priorites in the preservation of our lives and our surroundings, preventing animal abuse and making sure our rights aren't trampled asunder by the less important priorities.

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Human Beings

It would appear we have government-sponsored equality that purposely makes it unequal.  Let's get that balance back.

Animal Rights

Abuses are taking place at rates that law enforcement  can't even keep up with.

The Environment

You see it on the news every night ;  bobcat attacks doggy.  Coyotes and moose wandering the neighborhood.  Where are our woods?  


Have kids?  Of course you do!  They might want kids too.  You  want to protect then you want to protect their futures.  No?

Not sure which initiatives to choose ?

Read some of our excellent articles and reports ?

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Who wants this barrage in their mail every single week.  Yes! week?  

Not to worry.  I'll take care of the recycling for you.  It would appear that if you give a donation of any kind of generosity, you'll wind up getting this everyday.  With all the "paperless" in our lives.  It seems that we keep having a good amount of paper finding its way into our homes.   But, what's the point?  We want less..AND..we want to feel that's secure where it is.  That's why we also take an interest in Computer Security.

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Customer Management


There is no problem getting news and know-how through this site.  We keep track of your donations, our donations, our members donations.  They are there for you in living color every day and they are secure.

Customer Management

Doing your taxes could not be easier.

We can send a signed and sealed report for you in csv, pdf, html, xml, email, or printout.  So seamless and easy to use!  Sign up! See how easy and manageable it really is.


This website is so easy to use.  I'm very, very busy with my work and family life.  I want to do something to contribute to our time on Earth but it's very difficult.  The logikconsortium is the way to go.  They make it quick and simple.  They handle a range of charities and I feel confident in making my donations through PAYPAL with a variety of options.  Both this site and theirs keep me in the loop!

Cameron - Marketing Manager

Insuring the future for tomorrow using your favorite charities.  They appreciate you so much and so do we.  Thank you.