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The Logic Consortium, Inc. started as a pet project when I saw how much we don't approach all the

problems in this world with a well-thought approach.  You've heard the expression, 'shoot first, talk later,'

that seems to be how we approach everything.  Everything we do for good in this world is, more or less,

reactive, not proactive.  So, when decisions about what to do about things; leaky oil wells, nuclear disasters,

floods, development,  preservation, loss of resources, animal safety, health problems, and so on, the solutions

become more complex.   Immigration is such a problem right now.  It has gotten out of control with

temporary fixes inbetween any solutions which have yet to be made.  But, we have to think about such as

citizens, too.  We shouldn't let corporations or the government do our thinking for us.  Not that we don't them.

Not that they are bad at doing everything.  But, we are busy on the front lines and have limited time.  There

are plenty of nonprofits out there, several, many, and other causes that need funding.  With this site you can direct

each every to certain causes.  We will keep track of all them, and direct them to the right place.  With a membership

you can log into our system and keep track of those expenses, nice and neat and ready for the year's end.

So, instead of going to twenty different nonprofits to make donations, you can go to one.  If you want it to

be distributed a certain way, it will be.  And really, what could be better than a whole country full of problem

solvers?   Get a PDF printout, or send emails or photos, requests and everything else through our system.

Build a network!